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Carving a Path for Your Child

June 29th, 2021  | Family Stories  | News  |  By Cindy Muzzi


Carve a path for your child.
Carve a path for your family.
Carve a path for you.
Don’t quit because things look different.
Take it slow, remember to breathe, laugh at yourself while doing it, and most of all…have fun.
Let others ask questions and stare.
We found that most just want to help you get your 7 year old child in his beach wheelchair down 45 steps to the beach and then back up the steps every day for a week. 💜
Somewhere in the midst of all this your child will remind you, in their own way, that the joy far outweighs the fear, the uncertainty.
That life is so worth living even if it’s different than what you imagined it would be.
Location: Destin, Florida.
Equipment: Special tomato soft sitter size 3 in a rented beach wheelchair. Sitting in the surf in his Otter bath chair. Aquatic head float for the pool.
Author: Cindy M., Asher’s Mom



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