One of our greatest assets as an organization is the people that comprise it. Our members have found solace, comfort and hope in this journey. 

This is your chance to give back. 

Hope for HIE would like to continue giving hope to thousands of parents and to expand its reach.  Here is how you can help us do that:

Start an online fundraiser on behalf of your child

Our children are why we are on this journey and why we do what we do. Your child is an example of the hope we want to spread worldwide, regardless of outcome or worldly condition.

On your journey, you have likely had friends and family who want to provide support, but don’t know what to do. Now they can.

When you start a fundraiser on behalf of your child, the people in your life can provide support and resources to you, your child and thousands like him or her.

Here is what one member said about doing an online fundraiser on behalf of their child: 


My wife and I found Hope for HIE about five months after our daughter, Scarlett, was born. It quickly became one of our most important resources. We discovered a wealth of helpful, credible information, as well as a forum to ask and get answers to questions no one else would or could answer. Most importantly, we connected with other parents experiencing some of the same things we were experiencing - sorrow, anger, guilt, uncertainty, frustration, etc.

When it came time to celebrate Scarlett's first birthday, we decided to set up a fundraising page in her name and ask all of our friends and family to join us in supporting Hope for HIE. It was simple to set up and the response was incredible! It felt great to give back to an organization that has given us so much hope and support.
  --- David Ford

Online, there are a couple of ways to do this. You can do so through our website with a direct URL to share (click here for an example), or you can start one on Facebook, and select Hope for HIE as your charity of choice.

Contact us for more details.

Launch a T-Shirt Fundraiser Benefiting Hope for HIE


Our apparel partner, Bonfire, has set up a way to generate awareness and benefit Hope for HIE with amazing t-shirts and other apparel. Check out this site to get started!

Organize a Fundraiser

Would you like some or all of the proceeds of your fundraising event go to Hope for HIE?  If so, thank you, and contact us to let us know how we can help. We will help facilitate the necessary paperwork to make this happen.

Hops for Hope


hops_for_hope.jpg Hops for Hope was started in 2016 by Andy and Sarah Chrestman (check out Kohl and the Gang to learn more about their awesome family) as a way to bring local awareness for HIE and other pediatric neurological conditions, in their hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Essentially the premise is this: great beer, great people, fun location, GREAT cause. 

If you are interested in hosting a Hops for Hope event in your area, the Chrestman's have set up the framework that you can implement in your hometown! Contact us to learn more.

And, if you can join us in Louisiana annually, come support the original Hops for Hope event.



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