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Healthcare Equity & Access Statement

June 27th, 2022  | Advocacy  | News


As a global patient advocacy organization working to improve the quality of life for children and families impacted by neonatal and pediatric-acquired Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, many who have lifelong disabilities, and based out of the United States, we want to share the concern many families have raised in regards to the United States Supreme Court decision to overturn the long-standing precedence of Roe vs. Wade this last Friday.

HIE is complex.

We are gravely concerned at the implications of this decision to many of our families on reproductive healthcare needs and access, the further exacerbation of marginalization and harm to the disability community, and the complex medical decisions that families in our community have to make every day.

Families in our community face maternal crises that have led to HIE, a greater incidence of precocious puberty that requires interventions and access to reproductive healthcare management that is now in question, and elevating the advocacy of those already into adulthood with disabilities.

We stand firm, and join in to echo the leading organizations in maternal, fetal, pediatric, and public health, that all people, worldwide, should have full, equitable access to reproductive healthcare as a key component to quality of life, self-determination, prevention of abuse, and bodily autonomy.

We continually and collaboratively work with many medical associations to advocate for improved care and access, and will continue to do so.

We also recognize, on National PTSD Awareness Day, the impact the state of current events has on mental health and how this may also create additional trauma for members in our community who have already survived life-altering traumatic situations, either through HIE or other life circumstances.

Our on-staff social worker is always available to help families connect to mental health and healthcare resources in their area and beyond.

Please reach out to outreach@hopeforhie.org to be connected.

We continue to monitor this and will share additional resources that families request, and that will benefit the HIE community.



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