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HIE Remembrance Day 2023

April 20th, 2023  | News


Loss in HIE is unfortunately one of the devastating outcomes for too many families. It can be experienced either in the neonatal period, or anytime during childhood or even adulthood from complications stemming from HIE.

At Hope for HIE, we work to ensure our loss families are wrapped in support and are always working to build out more to ensure they feel seen, loved, supported, and that the legacy of their children is remembered.

We have many resources for our HIE loss families to engage in. Whether you have lost your HIE baby in the neonatal period, or in childhood, you’ll find a community of peer support that is there with you in your grief.

We host a 24/7 online remembrance vigil on our website at HopeforHIE.org/hieremembrance that any loss family can have their child included in.

Becky Detlef serves as Hope for HIE’s loss coordinator and on our Board of Directors. As a loss mom herself, she understands the complexities and ensures organizational programming, support and messaging is inclusive of the HIE loss experience, shaping Hope for HIE’s programming and strategic direction.

Comprehensive Support

Hope for HIE provides comprehensive support programs and services to help families facing bereavement and loss due to HIE. Both Hope for HIE’s social worker and child life specialist are available to support the entire family.

Social Worker Support: Hope for HIE’s social worker can connect families to local and regional resources such as counseling and mental health provider referrals, leads monthly video support groups for our loss community, and oversees the Peer Support Mentorship program, including New to HIE Loss mentors.

Peer Support Network: Hope for HIE has been connecting the loss community for over a decade, providing a space for peer support, and growing out additional programs and services. Access to the HIE Loss group is available 24/7 for members.

Peer Support Mentors: Hope for HIE provides trauma-trained peer mentors for 1:1 mentorships for those new to HIE loss, either from birth or acquired HIE in childhood. Mentors and mentees are paired through a process developed by Hope for HIE’s social worker.

Child Life Services: Our certified child life specialist is available for whole-family bereavement and loss support, including connection to bereavement programs for siblings, meaning-making and legacy building activities and consultation.




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