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HIE Success Stories

June 27th, 2024  | Advocacy  | Family Stories  | News


“I want to see success stories with HIE”
“All I see when I google are scary stories and outcomes”
“Why do you have to show all outcomes with HIE?!”

These are common questions for new families in our global HIE community.

We have tens of thousands of families and stories. Each child with HIE, across a WIDE variety of outcomes and impacts has their own version of what HOPE looks like. Every child with HIE, whether they have minimal impacts from HIE, fall in the gray area of mild to moderate outcomes, have more medical complexity, or have lost their life from HIE, are loved, have value to their life and their stories.

Hope for HIE shares with intentionality the wide range of outcomes with HIE to build equity, to stomp out negative stigma with disability, and advance disability advocacy priorities to improve the quality of life for children and families impacted by HIE, in addition to relentlessly working to decrease the incidence and impact through research.

Every baby and child born with or diagnosed with HIE deserves to reach their unique individual potential, and each family has their own participation values and goals. Take a look at the stories of our HIElights of Hope blog series, purchase your own printed copy, and the photo gallery below:



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