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HIElights of Hope Book Launches

May 1st, 2022  | News


Simran Bansal, graduating senior at Duke University, spent the last year as Hope for HIE’s first intern. As a part of her senior capstone project, she interviewed over 65 families and clinicians involved in the HIE community, to put together an anthology of the Hope for HIE community.

Through storytelling, Simran wanted to help families heal, give them an opportunity to pass along their knowledge and individual definitions of HOPE, create a bridge between patients, families and providers to improve communication and care, and create a published book that could be given to clinical trainees, families facing HIE during their early days, and be accessible worldwide to elevate the stories of the HIE community.

Simran spent a considerable amount of time writing, editing and designing the book, working with different editors and designers, to get to the final product launched the last day of the 2022 HIE Awareness Month in April.

The book is now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both printed and eBook formats. It is the goal to have one of the copies of the book in every NICU working with HIE families.

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