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Hope is an adventure – choosing hope and exploring new places

August 9th, 2021  | Family Stories  | News  |  By Shawn P.


Every time someone posts in the Hope for HIE groups about daring to do hard things and going out of their comfort zone to find “Hope in the journey“, it always inspires me.
So, this week we took a 9 day road trip across 3 states, to 5 National Parks, some state parks, and National Forests.
Four hour trips turned into six at times due to multiple stops for meds, g-tube feeds, diaper changes, finding an outlet to blend food for him, and a million other unexpected things, but Hope is an adventure.
Life doesn’t stop on vacation and the hard times didn’t stop on our trip either. Our 5 year old has pretty severe HIE and can only be carried by us or pushed in his wheelchair, so we carried him up cliffs and down hiking trails and pushed him through the wonderfully accessible Carlsbad Caverns… and we enjoyed ourselves!
Hope Never Ends, even when the hard times follow you and your vacation doesn’t look like “everyone else’s”.
So, I’m here to share a couple photos and challenge other families to CHOOSE HOPE and take that leap and don’t let your child’s diagnosis or limitations stop you from living the life you imagined, even when it looks different than you originally thought it would.
This is our life. This is our family. We are TEAM HOPE!
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