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Peer Support Mentorship Program Launches – Meet the Mentors

April 22nd, 2022  | News


Hope for HIE is pleased to share the first cohort of the Peer Support Mentor program launching this month. As a part of the outgrowth of Hope for HIE’s support programs, Vanessa Zinke, LCSW, has been diligently working to launch a 1:1 peer support mentorship program for HIE families who are either new to HIE, or new to loss from HIE.

“I’m proud to bring this program to Hope for HIE’s community, knowing the positive impact these 1:1 mentorship programs can be for our HIE families.” – Vanessa Zinke, LCSW, Hope for HIE Social Worker

Hope for HIE engaged and partnered with the Child Neurology Foundation to implement their comprehensive peer support training program, which is trauma-focused, and provides a consistent, thorough and robust curriculum and platform of training for this new organizational program.

Ten mentors were selected to provide support for new to HIE families, and three mentors were selected to provide support for families new to HIE loss.

The goal of this program is to decrease the impacts of trauma experienced through HIE on the parent/caregiver and thus impacting the whole family in a more positive way, fostering connections, support, and knowledge.

The aim is to pair up the peer support mentor with a new family, and work through support for upwards of one year. Pairings will be done through the social worker, and interested participants who are looking to be paired with a mentor will be able to do so by filling out an intake form available beginning April 30th.

Meet the Mentors



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