The HIE connection

The message made my heart drop.

Another family hearing those three letters: HIE. And this time it was someone I had known almost my entire life.



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What should have been

In the early days after his son Grey was born, Nick Burton turned to his words to try to process the emotions he was feeling.

What resulted has resonated with so many of our families for the raw emotion and honesty in his words.





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A new support system

In the early days after his daughter was born, David Ford felt overwhelmed and scared.

David and his wife Heidi were overjoyed their daughter survived such a difficult start to life, but were unprepared for how to deal with the emotions and questions over the uncertainty of Scarlett’s future, he said.



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Helping other families

When he was asked to join the board for Hope for HIE, Nick Burton immediately knew he wanted to help families, just like they had helped his.



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How to be an advocate

As parents to children with special needs, we have a lot of roles: caregiver, nurturer, juggler

But one of the most important ones is advocate.

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