Enough is enough

By Julie Keon

I have been trotting on this path long enough to know that guilt will suck the life force out of you faster than anything.

Keeping this in mind, I tend not to spend time in a pit of guilt when it comes to our beautifully complex daughter. However, every so often, there is one question that still finds its way to my conscious.

It cements itself there until I go through the same logical conversation with myself as I have done for years to soothe the worry, regret, fear and yes, guilt that accompanies it. Out of nowhere, I am plagued with this:




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Healing in motion

HIE mom Becky Kerrins shares her story of how she embarked on her latest journey, Healing in Motion, and what it means to see other parents joining her.


I got the idea for healing in motion one day while in kickboxing.

I was thinking: how can I make my workouts more meaningful and keep myself motivated? 



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A new resource for HIE families

For many of our families, the cooling process is one of the first steps of their HIE journey.

That time, hours after birth or the injury of your little one, is very uncertain and filled with questions.

Several months ago, Dr. Pia Wintermark, a neonatologist and researcher at Montreal Children's Hospital in Canada, came to Hope for HIE with a project to help answer those questions.


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Become the HIE Roller - the first annual Hope for HIE Fundraising Competition

What is this?

 The “HIE Roller” is a coveted title that is earned. Hope for HIE started a fundraising competition, and whoever raises the most money in one year receives a prize package and the title of HIE Roller.

 Rules of the Game 

The rules are simple:

-       Whoever raises the most money on behalf of Hope for HIE between Sept. 1, 2015 – Aug. 31, 2016 wins.

-       That lucky individual chooses from any or all of the items in our prize package. 

-       Board members who have served or are serving during the year of the competition are excluded.

 2015-2016 Prize Package

-       $100 credit towards Hope for HIE merchandise.

-       Complimentary spa day (certain restrictions apply)

-       Case of wine of your choosing from WineShop at home

 Five Ways to Get Credit for Raising Money

1. Make a donation.  The easiest way is to donate online here

2. Make a recurring monthly donation.

3. Shop for Hope for HIE merchandise here, where you can find a wide range of awesome stuff for both kids and adults.

4. Start a fundraising page or organize a fundraiser in your hometown.  We can help.  If you're interested, contact us.

5. Have an employer that is willing to match your charitable donations?  Let us know, and those contributions will count 

Have questions? Contact us.  Accept the challenge!

Always my family

By Aziziah Aziz

My HIE survivor (now angel) was Aafiyah, which in Arabic means health.

My uterus and bladder ruptured during labor, which resulted in her severe HIE. She was born not breathing, and doctors quickly revived.

I remember kissing her before she was rushed off to the NICU, and then I was put to sleep for the remainder of my surgery.



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