A new diagnosis, a new treatment

Seizures have been a concern for much of Lucy’s life.

Initially, she was weaned off seizure medication before her first birthday when the seizures she had in the NICU hadn’t returned. That was until one day when then-two-year-old Lucy woke up and her parents knew something wasn’t right, later learning the seizures had returned.

In the three years since, the concern about seizures has always been present. But late last year, the need to do something became incredibly important.



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Teaching the world to sign

Thinking of her brother getting frustrated when others couldn’t understand him led a teen in the UK to start her own movement to promote knowledge of sign language.

Jade’s little brother, Christian, uses sign language to communicate, and is continuing to build his vocabulary.



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The color gray

Watching her daughter on stage, reciting a poem she wrote, is a memory Karla Contreras will never forget.

Karla was surprised when she learned her 8-year-old daughter Elisa, who suffered HIE at birth, would be sharing a poem at her school's poetry slam. But as soon as she got the note from her daughter's teacher, Karla knew she wouldn't miss it.



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Giving herself a gift

By Jamie Wyatt

When Cooper was born I was a mess and everything was so baby/NICU focused I realized I was neglecting myself greatly.

When I got some particularly concerning news one day, I went in to an anxious despair. I wallowed in it for about 24 hours then I gave myself a gift; I’m a very visual person so I visualized a beautifully wrapped square box.



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Will we be OK?

When we got discharged from the NICU just about seven years ago, I had a million questions. The most burning desire for me was to connect to other families who had gone through what we had just been through... a traumatic birth, hypothermic cooling, scary MRIs and EEGs, tubes and wires, and infinite unknowns ahead of us. I had to go to google to understand what Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy meant, despite being warned not to. 



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