Support in the hardest times

When she had to go through the toughest decisions and emotions in her life, Lauren Macke found support from a group of parents who had been there.


Lauren’s son Jonah was born early and went without oxygen for 14 minutes. He was diagnosed with HIE and went through cooling therapy.


Testing showed his brain damage was extensive, and Lauren was left to decide what to do next.



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A big thank you!

As a growing organization, every dollar raised for Hope for HIE counts.


That’s why we want to send a huge thank you to the Modified Dolls, a fellow nonprofit agency, that raised $1,200 to help support our mission to provide support for families impacted by HIE.





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Finding hope

In the days after their son was born, the news kept getting worse.

Baby Cole suffered HIE at birth after getting stuck in the birth canal and aspirating meconium. He was having seizures, he needed emergency cooling treatment hours away from home and tests of his brain activity weren’t looking good.

Sara Ames Saltzman felt alone and terrified. She didn’t know how to tell her friends and family the devastating news she was receiving in the hospital from her baby’s many doctors.



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A new community

Throughout our lives, we form communities.


Our hometown, our cliques of friends in school, our co-workers, our couples friends and then the families we want our kids to grow up with.


I have been a part of some amazing communities in my life. And when my daughter suffered a birth injury, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or HIE, I needed another one in my life.




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Why I give hope

By Andy Chrestman


I remember standing in our son’s bedroom the day after he was born and bracing myself for the real possibility that we would lose our first and only child.


Kohler Henson Chrestman was born the previous day and, because of an abrupt lack of blood and oxygen to his brain, he was born with severe, global brain damage.  



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