Meeting other HIE families

For families of children with an HIE diagnosis, the journey can be lonely.

Often, other families don’t look like ours. Their lives aren’t the same. Their routines are different.

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Remembering Carter

After the loss of her son Carter, Kelli Durham wanted to do something to keep his memory alive.

She decided one of the best ways to do that was to donate in his honor.
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What I learned from healing in motion

What started as a personal journey turned into a movement to help parents process their grief. 

Becky Kerrins wanted a way to both honor her daughter's 69 days in the NICU and try to work through her grief over her HIE injury.



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Dragon Cabin

By Nick Burton


Twenty-four hours not sleeping
Ambulance raced, filled with strangers
When once we dreamed of green meadows,
Now we ride down an ice ramp.
The hill is steep and was not seen approaching
Our cabin lost in the snowstorm
You, the emerged baby bird not yet thriving



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A family sport

The pictures show a family sharing an activity they love together -- finally.

Two years ago, Elyse learned about a program from her daughter that would allow her son Miles, who suffered HIE as a baby, to be able to ski.



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