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Thanking Annie Goeller for her Service to the Board of Directors

April 30th, 2021  | News


Today marks the end of an era for our Board of Directors. Annie Goeller, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations sunsets off the board after serving for an incredible FIVE years.
During her tenure on the board, Annie has been instrumental in driving growth and awareness of Hope for HIE, connecting more families and professionals to our community. HIE Awareness Month in 2016 happened because of her, and over the years, she has grown it in incredible and profound ways.
Some of the highlights of her time on the Board of Directors include:
  • Planning five mega mom retreats
  • Launching the inaugural HIE Awareness Month, coordinating each year since
  • Writing over 100 blog posts
  • Creating over 500 story spotlights
  • Writing and creating over 200 infographics
  • Redesigning the Hope for HIE website
  • Launching Hope for HIE’s Instagram and TikTok accounts
  • Getting countless media placements, articles and guest blog pieces published on The Mighty and other influential sites
We also want to share a few links to some of her blog posts that have been profoundly impactful for thousands of families:



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