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Volunteer for the Translation Committee

November 18th, 2022  | News


At Hope for HIE, we receive many requests from our community members for more ways to get involved. Well, we are here to deliver on that request!

As we continue to grow and create educational resources that help bridge the gap between the hospital and home, we need volunteers who have the skill set to translate these resources into various languages to better reach our global community. 

Here are some basic questions to help you understand if this is a job for you!

What languages do you need?

With inclusivity and accessibility acting as a few of our foundational values, we are open to as many languages as needed. We do have some resources already available in Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Mandarin, and Arabic; we would love to continue offering resources in these languages, and pending more volunteers, to publish them in more languages as well. If there is a language that is not listed above you believe should be included, email Deanna Bryan at Deanna@HopeforHIE.org.

What’s the time commitment?

Our goal is to have anywhere from 3-5 volunteers for each of the above languages, to start. The more volunteers we have, the better able we are to delegate the tasks! As a volunteer, you can sign up for projects that fit your time, availability, and schedule – projects may range from translating shorter blurbs or PDFs to larger learning modules. Narration/recording opportunities are also available! We use Canva, a user-friendly web-based program, as well as Google Drive for our content creation.

How do I express my interest?

If you have this skill set to lend and are interested in volunteering for our Translation Committee, please let us know by filling out the interest form below. Afterward, Deanna Bryan – our Program Manager – can work closely with you in order to help you volunteer for projects that are appropriate for your schedule.



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