Hope for HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Hope for HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

Peer Support Mentors

Our positive power is in our people, bringing together families, clinicians, researchers and the global community.

Our Peer Support Mentor program brings trauma-trained members of our community to serve as mentors for those either new to HIE or new to HIE loss. These mentors are available for 1:1 mentorship, and also connect in our 24/7 Facebook-based support groups. 

Under the direction of Haley Thomas, LMSW, Hope for HIE’s social worker, the program launched officially in April 2022, with aims to expand the types of experiences to support in the future. 

Social Worker

Haley Thomas, LMSW
Peer Support Mentor Program Manager
Hope for HIE Social Worker

New to HIE Mentors

Allison M.
“I want to help families as others have helped me. Families need to know that they are supported and not alone in this crazy journey.”
Brady C.
“Recognizing the triple impact of HIE – child, family dynamic, and parent – is so important for the journey to healing.”
Hope R.
“You might feel alone in your journey, but you are definitely not. Many families out there have gone through the same experiences and can offer so much support and love.”
Suzi B.
“For so many of us, the loneliness and despair is all consuming at the start of the HIE journey. Having someone who really gets it from the very beginning makes a difference.”
Khadijah H.
“I want to empower families by supporting them through their journey, finding HOPE through all the complexities of HIE.”
Lynn G.
“HOPE. There is hope. We can find joy during this journey. Someone has most likely been through what you are going through. You can find support. You have people here to listen, good or bad.”
Megan C.
“No one knows what will happen along the way, but we will be there for each other. New families need to know that we are here for them when they need us.”
Nicole C.
“It’s important for the family members to feel acknowledged and supported as they begin to realign their new lives.”

New to HIE Loss Mentors

Kat S.
“Grief and growth isn’t linear.”

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