Hope for HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Hope for HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

HIE Awareness Month

Welcome to 2023 HIE Awareness Month!

We come together every April – families, clinicians, researchers, partners, supporters and others in our global community – to spread awareness into the world about neonatal and childhood acquired Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. This year, the community theme is CONNECTED BY HOPE.

Our community is over 8,500 strong, across all ages and outcomes, from all over the world, and every day we are so grateful for the many ways we are able to connect our community: families, caregivers, clinicians, researchers and more.

We know all too well the isolation that can exist for our families. Each of us experienced HIE with our children, and we know when we connect as a community, we are Better Together.

We look forward to sharing the many stories of connection that happen in our community every single day, whether that is online or in-person. We will continue to update this page with our calendar of events and more tools to be used during April!

We hope you will join us in this effort, and have outlined several ways to be involved this April in the toolkit, and below.

Download the Toolkit


Last updated: 4/11/2023

Events Calendar


We honor, remember and mourn our HIE children who have been lost to HIE during Awareness Month on April 20th – HIE Remembrance Day. We ask for your support and help recognize these families.
  1. Use one of Hope for HIE’s remembrance social media frames to show solidarity with our loss community
  2. Post to our WAVE OF LIGHT post that we will start on April 20th with a photo of a candle you are lighting, where you are in the world and any message you have for our loss families
  3. Use the hashtags #HIEremembrance#HIEremembranceday, and #HIEloss in your social media posts
  4. Share posts of our loss families that we will be sharing to honor them, let people know that loss is one of the outcomes of HIE, and bring more awareness to our loss community
  5. If you are one of our loss families, share your story, write a blog post for our website, share a poem, share how you honor your child by contacting outreach@hopeforhie.org.
  6. Pay your respects to our families at our online memorial below.
Online Memorial


Feel free to use our social media tools to customize and share YOUR HIE story for more Awareness, Education and Support.



  • #HIEAwarenessMonth
  • #ConnectedbyHope
  • #HopeforHIE


Translated Graphics

HIE NICU & PICU Experience

The HIE NICU Journey

The HIE PICU Journey

Social Media Templates

Social Media Profile Frames

While Facebook has sunsetted the profile frame functionality, we can still create them through Canva templates! You can access the template below, and we encourage everyone to flip your profile pictures across social media to spread awareness! It requires you to sign up for a FREE account for Canva, or you can download the graphic below, and use a graphic tool, like those in Instagram or Facebook stories to place a circle photo and save.

Tips for design:

  • Upload your photo
  • Tap on the cloud part and hit REPLACE
  • Download as a JPG or PNG and use across your social media accounts, or screenshot to save!
View Template

Daily Story Prompts for Instagram & Facebook Stories, TikTok StitchesCOMING SOON!

Be sure to tag @HopeforHIE and use the hashtags #HIEawareness #HopeInspires and #HIEawarenessmonth so we can track social media reach!

HIE Awareness Month Colouring Pages

We are so grateful to one of our HIE parents, Zoe, from Scotland who created these beautiful colouring pages that you can download, print, color and share!

Questions? Ideas?
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Check out our Printable Resources section for other useful tools.


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