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On behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to welcome you to Hope for HIE.

Whether you are New to HIE, have received a diagnosis for your child, are a clinician or researcher, extended family member, or just curious about our community, we want to thank you for finding us and connecting.

Hope for HIE is the premiere organization connecting families, worldwide, through a comprehensive support network. Our mission is focused on improving the quality of life for children and families impacted by neonatal and pediatric-acquired Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, a type of brain injury that has a spectrum of outcomes and myriad of ways it may impact a baby or child in their lifetime.

This organization is deeply close to both of our hearts, as we both found it during our darkest times when David’s daughter was born, and Betsy’s son was born, with HIE. During those dark moments, finding Hope for HIE was a beacon of light. Connecting to other families has given us the tools, resources and connections needed to face the unexpected, be a part of a community, and look at how we can further improve care, communication and connection for our families through awareness, education and support.

We wish you the very best in your journey and look forward to connecting.


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