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For the Bereaved Fathers

June 20th, 2021  | Family Stories  |  By Sara Baker Pendleton


For the bereaved fathers. A reflection on Nick, from Sara.

Nic is a wonderful dad to every child God has blessed our family with, whether it be for one day or a lifetime, but it has always been a decision as parents for each one.
Ansley, though…one day he came home from work and I told him, “We have a new baby girl. I’m sorry I didn’t ask, but my heart knows she’s mine. I’ve been waiting for her…and she’s very fragile with a heart defect.” He said, “Okay, as long as she doesn’t have like a trach or vent or need a wheelchair or anything…” I said, “She’s a newborn! She doesn’t even need oxygen…it’ll be fine.”

Well, you all know how that worked out.

He loved her still and worked his tail off to give her the world. He gave me her, and she was the girl of my dreams. He built her a full life in a way nobody else could have except the father who God created for her.

That is what I celebrate today. The kind of father who opens his heart to every child who needs him, even if it wrecks his plans and bank account.



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