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Support for Enrolled Families in Clinical Trials

April 21st, 2024  | News  | Research


Enrolled in a clinical trial or research study? We’re building out dedicated groups for families to connect.

HIE families have a long history of participation in clinical trials in the pursuit of improving therapeutic options and care (it’s why we have cooling!)

Currently, there are two trials underway that we are supporting and have set up dedicated groups for:

  1. Hope for HIE – COOL PRIME Study Support
  2. Hope for HIE – STAR Study Support

If you have enrolled in either study, we encourage you to join the group dedicated to the trail your baby is enrolled in for the duration of the follow up activities and to connect with other families. Past study families shared that they would have really appreciated a group like this, so hopefully you find it useful!

If you want to learn more about enrolling in clinical trials and research studies, we encourage you to go to our clinical trials and research hub below:

Clinical Trials & Research Hub



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