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April is Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month

April 26th, 2024  | News


HIE can cause autism at up to 44% higher incidence than neurotypical babies and children, and children with HIE who don’t have motor impacts were 6x more diagnosed than those with motor impacts.

HIE is a SPECIFIC cause/etiology of autism. Others include genetic, metabolic, prematurity, structural brain anomalies, toxic shock, infection, inflammatory disease and traumatic injury, as well as environmental experiences and factors like developmental stimulation (or lack there of), adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and social determinants of health impacts.

Just like there is a wide spectrum of impacts from HIE, autism is on a spectrum as well.

You aren’t alone! The diagnostic process, developing educational supports, and building a more accessible community for your child can be overwhelming for families, and we are here to support you through it!

Knowing the cause/etiology of autism can lead to the development of targeted interventions to improve quality of life, accessiblity, education and acceptance.

The true incidence rate and impact of Autism & HIE is just being studied more widely with more research to come and data to be published shortly, which helps build greater understanding!

Support for HIE Families

Peer Support – Parenting a Child with HIE & Autism

We host a specific subgroup for families to connect about Autism & HIE, if your child with HIE has an autism diagnosis:

Autism & HIE Parent Group

Community Supports & Connecting with Hope for HIE’s Social Worker

In addition, there are many local community supports that our social worker, Haley, can connect you to as well. Learning parenting skills to help your child can be very helpful to parent how their brain works best! Fill out the request form below to connect with her and discuss your needs.

Peer Perspective Panel Event

We also recently hosted a Peer Perspective Panel on Autism & HIE this month you can access on our YouTube channel below:



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