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Hope for HIE’s Parent Support Hub

November 13th, 2021  | News


Hope for HIE Parent Support Hub – The Heart of our Support Network

Hope for HIE connects over 7,000 families through over 100 topic, location and outcomes-based support groups here on Facebook. What has traditionally been called the “main parent forum” is now called the Parent Support Hub.

This group is the HUB of activity, and the heart of our support network. It is a central spot of information sharing, with spokes out for specific areas of focus.

Just like a central terminal in an airport, it’s a place you can travel to and from as you are traveling to different destinations, or different layovers in your journey. It’s a place you can start, travel out from, travel back to, and know that we’ll always be here for you.

For a list of all of our subgroups you can join as a member of the Hub, you can visit our public Hope for HIE Foundation – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy page: Facebook.com/hopeforhie/groups



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