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2024 Seizure Action Plan Awareness Week

February 12th, 2024  | Advocacy  | Epilepsy  | News


Does your child have seizures or epilepsy? Are they on anti-seizure medication? You need a Seizure Action Plan! Seizure Action Plan Awareness Week highlights the importance of having a seizure action plan in place. The awareness campaign is supported by the Seizure Action Plan Coalition.

What is a Seizure Action Plan?

A Seizure Action Plan – or SAP – incorporates tailored guidelines on how to respond during a seizure. It includes essential information that can help people react quickly and reduce the harm a seizure can do. The use of a SAP can offer more control to patients and caregivers by providing consistent, patient-specific guidance regarding seizure management. A SAP can provide clarification on patient and caregiver concerns, such as understanding what to do during a seizure, when watchful waiting is appropriate, when to intervene with at-home rescue medications, when to call 911 or go to the hospital, and much more.

Why do I need one?

A SAP is important because seizures can be life-threatening. Having a SAP lets others know what to do in an emergency situation. A SAP can reduce the time to action during a seizure and faster response times can reduce risk of prolonged seizures, the need for emergency rescue medications, and the risk for seizure-associated mortality.


There are many exceptional resources and thorough templates that can be used to start a SAP. Here are our favorite resources. We also recommend anyone working with a child or person with epilepsy completes Seizure First Aid Training.

Child Neurology Foundation

Seizure Rescue Medication & Seizure Action Plan Educational Video

Epilepsy Foundation

Seizure Action Plan information

Hope for HIE is a proud member of the Seizure Action Plan coalition



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