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February is Full Term Awareness Month

February 10th, 2024  | Advocacy  | News


February is #FullTermNICU awareness month. The majority of #HIE babies are born full term.

Does it surprise you to learn that around 50% of #NICU babies are full term? There is a significant disparity in representation of full term families in #Neonatology research, family-centered care leadership, and QI. 99% of NICU family advisory councils are made up of #Preemie parents.

The messaging surrounding NICU often focuses on creating divides and a hierarchy of need, impact and trauma by gestational age, length of stay and birth weight. Yet babies like those facing HIE are often some of the sickest babies in the NICU, the second largest cause of #InfantMortality in the world.

Regardless of outcome, ALL families should be represented, and connected to support. Let’s change that!

We join with Bliss Charity in the United Kingdom for this campaign!

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