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“I have an idea!” – Hope for HIE’s Birthday Card Program

April 22nd, 2022  | News



Megan C. reached out to Hope for HIE with an idea — to help families during a joyous and tough time feel supported and loved by starting a birthday card program.

We assembled a team of volunteers who have been sending out cards to our HIE community families that kicked off earlier this year. Volunteers were stocked with cards, stamps and their monthly lists to send out to.

This team of dedicated HIE parents has been doing a lot of writing, stuffing, stamping and mailing and we are so grateful for their involvement to make this program happen!

HUGE thanks to Megan, Amy, Michelle, Hope and Emily for making this happen for our families!

It truly takes a village and we are so grateful for our community that comes together to help one another celebrate, commiserate and travel together on this journey with HIE.


If you would like to sign up your HIE child to receive a birthday card as a part of the program, you can do so with the link below:

Birthday Card Program Sign Up

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