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Join Hope for HIE’s #SuperSib Squad!

January 22nd, 2024  | Advocacy  | Child Life Resources  | News


We don’t know about you, but we think it’s time to recognize, celebrate, and empower the unsung HIEroes of the HIE community — the brothers and sisters who stand strong alongside their HIE siblings and those they remember who have passed.

Sometimes, our Super Sibs can bear a significant load: they are asked to take on a lot, go forth with a lot, and go without a lot, all while working through their own feelings of being a sibling to a child with disabilities, or to a child who has died from HIE.

This is why we’re thrilled to unveil our latest initiative – the Super Sib Program. These kits are specially crafted to celebrate and nurture the incredible siblings of our warriors: from engaging, developmentally appropriate activities to access to Hope for HIE’s Child Life Specialist, we’ve curated a toolkit that not only acknowledges the vital role these siblings play but also provides a space for them to thrive.

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You’ve got questions? Well, we have answers. If you want to learn more about what Super Sibs is all about, how it works, and — most importantly — how it will support your family, scroll through some FAQs below.

Super Sib Basics

Who qualifies to be a Super Sib?
Any sibling in the HIE community is eligible for Super Sib status. This includes those who are siblings to our current HIE warriors and to those who have died.

Is there an age limitation or cut-off?
For both our Super Sibs and Super Sibs Loss programs, our Child Life Specialist has curated developmentally appropriate activities, experiences, and programming for the following age groups:

  • 0-3
  • 4-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-13
  • 14+

Is this limited to siblings in the US, or is it an international initiative?
This is a GLOBAL endeavor! This month alone, we have had Super Sibs join from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, and the Philippines!

How often does my child receive a Super Sib kit?
Your sibling will receive a Welcome Kit within a month of signing up. The other kits will drop quarterly! We’re aiming for January, April, July, and October. We’ll email you when they start mailing out!

Does it cost anything to be a Super Sib?
This is entirely free. We’ll cover the kits and shipping costs. We are working to create a Super Sibs Amazon Storefront to make it easy to support, so friends and family, and the greater community can help us keep this program up and running.

How does my Super Sib sign up for the program?
It’s easy! Please go to our Shop site, and select the Super Sibs option, linked below! We will send out our Welcome Kits on demand.

Super Sib Programming

What types of activities or experiences are included in the Super Sib kits?
Each age group has its own set of developmentally appropriate resources, activities, and experiences. You can read the focus of each kit below:

  • 0-3: These kits are more parent-driven by giving them tools and resources to support their super sib and aid them in social-emotional learning, in which young children can understand and identify how they are feeling so they can process, work through, and express their emotions appropriately.
  • 4-5: Programming for this age group also revolves around social-emotional learning (feeling identification and expression) and building a community with other siblings who have similar family stories and experiences.
  • 6-10: Super Sibs will have opportunities for building community and connecting to peers with similar stories, finding ways to cope with big feelings, and creative expression.
  • 11-13: These kits expand on the objectives in the previous age group by giving Super Sibs opportunities to express their feelings creatively, talk to other peers, have supportive conversations with our Child Life Specialist, and find ways to utilize their gifts.
  • 14 and older: With the help of our Child Life Specialist, Super Sibs in this age group will be given tools, resources, and activities that assist them in navigating their emotions, finding ways to connect with others, have hard conversations when needed, and celebrate all they have to offer their friends and family.

What’s typically included in a kit?
Within the first month of signing up for the program, your Super Sibs will receive a Welcome Kit that contains an overview of the program along with directions to some introductory games, activities, and resources! All Welcome Kits include a bookmark of helpful books recommended by our Child Life Specialist and other peers in that age group, along with a Super Sib sticker. Depending on the age, some Super Sibs will get a cool certificate, while others will get magnets with ideas to “Take Care of You” or coloring pages!

The quarterly drops will have a more in-depth focus on games or activities to engage in, along with more opportunities to meet and connect with our Child Life Specialist and other peers within their age group.

Super Sib Communication

How do I stay up-to-date with Super Sib updates or communications?
When you sign up on behalf of your Super Sib, we require that you provide us with an email address. We’ll have it on file, and we’ll send out communications prior to every quarterly mailing to let you know the focus of that kit, along with any other information you need to know!

What if we move? How do I update my address?
Please email our Program Manager, Deanna Bryan, at Deanna@HopeforHIE.org. She will update your information for you!

If I have questions, suggestions, or feedback, who can I contact?
We want to hear from you! We’ll be sending feedback forms, but if you have questions, need specific support for your siblings or family, or have information you’d like to share before then, please reach out to our Child Life Specialist, Annie Gunning, through the intake form on HIE.Support.

As a parent or caregiver, is there a way for me to stay in touch with other parents or caregivers of Super Sibs?
Hope for HIE has a Facebook subgroup dedicated to our Super Sibs to connect with others and connect our siblings.



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