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Seizure Action Plans

November 23rd, 2021  | Epilepsy  | News  | Resources


If your child has experienced seizures, even if they are under control, or you had resolved neonatal seizures, a Seizure Action Plan is an important tool for anyone in your child’s life to be aware of.

Seizure Action Plans outline what to do in case of a seizure for your child. This could include when to call 911, a bit about seizure first aid, any rescue medications, and more. Each plan will be as unique as your child’s epilepsy, and is a helpful tool to have for daycares, schools, and any community-based activities your child may be participating in.

Developing this plan with your child’s medical team and school or care teams is an excellent opportunity to also discuss the important of Seizure First Aid training for anyone working with your child.

In the United States, regardless of academic need, an epilepsy diagnosis falls under 504 protections under the American with Disabilities Act, and most countries have similar coverage and civil rights to protect the health and safety of children with epilepsy.

A Seizure Action Plan should be updated regularly with any medication changes, or changes in seizure activity. There are many excellent resources to start with and we’re sharing them below.




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