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Healing in motion

Healing in motion

September 26th, 2016  | Family Stories  |  By BECKY KERRINS

HIE mom Becky Kerrins shares her story of how she embarked on her latest journey, Healing in Motion, and what it means to see other parents joining her. ——————————————- I got the idea for healing in motion one day while in kickboxing. I was thinking: how can I make my workouts more meaningful and keep myself motivated? I have been […]

A new resource for HIE families

September 21st, 2016  | Resources  |  By ANN GOELLER

For many of our families, the cooling process is one of the first steps of their HIE journey. That time, hours after birth or the injury of your little one, is very uncertain and filled with questions. Several months ago, Dr. Pia Wintermark, a neonatologist and researcher at Montreal Children’s Hospital in Canada, came to Hope for HIE with a […]

Become the HIE Roller – the first annual Hope for HIE Fundraising Competition

Become the HIE Roller – the first annual Hope for HIE Fundraising Competition

August 27th, 2016  | Fundraising  | Give Hope  |  By ANDREW CHRESTMAN

What is this? The “HIE Roller” is a coveted title that is earned. Hope for HIE started a fundraising competition, and whoever raises the most money in one year receives a prize package and the title of HIE Roller. Rules of the Game The rules are simple: Whoever raises the most money on behalf of Hope for HIE between Sept. […]

Always my family

Always my family

August 17th, 2016  | Family Stories  |  By AZIZIAH AZIZ

My HIE survivor (now angel) was Aafiyah, which in Arabic means health. My uterus and bladder ruptured during labor, which resulted in her severe HIE. She was born not breathing, and doctors quickly revived. I remember kissing her before she was rushed off to the NICU, and then I was put to sleep for the remainder of my surgery. The […]

The making of Hops for Hope

The making of Hops for Hope

August 16th, 2016  |  By ANN GOELLER

After years of talking about hosting a fundraiser, Andy and Sarah Chrestman finally decided they wanted to do it. After several weeks of planning, and a lot of sweat, they raised approximately $14,000 for Hope for HIE, beating their initial goal of $7,500. Their New Orleans event combined all their favorite things: drinking, fun, food and their son who is […]


One of the ways many HIE families work through the trauma of their journey is sharing their story to help other families who will find us in their own HIE journey. We hope you’ll take a few minutes and share yours with us. We’ll publish it to our Family Stories blog!

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